We undertake the following Architectural Design services:

  • Preliminary Project Reports (PPRs)
  • Detailed Project Reports (DPRs)
  • Site Evaluation, Analysis and impact of existing/proposed developments
  • Sanitary, plumbing, drainage, water supply and sewage design
  • Electrical, electronic and communication systems design
  • HVAC & other mechanical system, elevator, and escalator design
  • Fire protection & security system design
  • Periodic inspection & evaluation of construction works at site

We provide the following Interior Design services:

  • Space planning / development and volumetric study
  • Architectural additions and alterations
  • Design of fixed items of work, loose furniture & interiors-related civil works
  • Illumination design
  • Acoustic design
  • Graphic design and signage
  • Indoor plants cape
  • Selection of materials, equipment and interior related elements
  • Integration of all engineering services
  • Periodic inspection and evaluation of all architectural works at site

We provide the following Structural Design services:

  • Design engineering of RCC, Steel, Prestressed concrete, Precast prestressed concrete, and Composite structures
  • Hazard-resistant design (Earthquake, wind and Temperature)
  • Free vibration analysis,Equivalent Static, Response Spectrum and Dynamic Analysis methods,Temperature analysis
  • Designs based on Limit State Method and Working Stress Method, including crack width calculation
  • Special considerations handled
  • Vertical and horizontal irregularities in buildings,Large span and tall structures
  • Machine foundations
  • Foundations for extreme environments, e.g., seismic actions, coastal conditions, and expansive soils
  • Overhead liquid storage tanks of various shapes
  • Self-reacting loading frames for high capacity test frames
  • Earth-retaining structures (with and without counter-forts)
  • Plastic analysis of slabs with yield line theory
  • Staged construction analysis of structure
  • Steel-concrete Composite structures
  • Industrial structures with specialized requirements
  • Petroleum projects, including LPG plant & storage facilities, and crude oil storage & transmission facilities, especially underground storage facilities for gas and oilStorage & integration buildings as per STEC
  • Infrastructure of campuses, including roads, drains, pipe crossings, culverts, box culverts, bridges, water supply, fire-fighting devices and sumps, security walls, gates complexes, watch towers, and static water sumps
  • Large industrial and residential waste treatment plants
  • Structural design validation as third party check and Engineering Audit
  • Fabrication drawings for complete steel building systems

EON Designers draws highly specialised associates & individuals as resource persons. The talent pool of professionals has extensive experience in analysis & design of building, mechanical and electrical systems, e.g., experience in planning of solar heating & cooling, study of energy consumption patterns and forecasting of probable operating costs, and energy audits

EON Designers recognises that availability of building materials is limited and must be considered in all aspects of planning, design and construction. Design of sustainable building technologies is a priority for us, e.g., incorporating natural systems from daylight, fresh air, and solar heating, cooling & ventilation