At EON Designers, we have been active in Architectural Practice since the year 1991 with dedicated team of professionals.

We provide one stop solution for Professional Architectural Consultancy Services. We are committed to providing best value added service by maintaining quality systems to ensure continuous monitoring, improvement of our design processes & procedures

Our team members are friendly, professional and have the experience, dedication and skills to deliver high quality, on time and on-budget service to our clients and those who work with us.

TEAM EON-Designers works hard, yet maintains a friendly and informal environment. Regular meetings, yearly reviews and social events ensure our team members are engaged and involved. Our employees know they are valued and that they get full support for their continued professional training and development.

Poonam Jaiswal

No. of years with the firm     30 years

Nationality:                             Indian
Area of Specialisation           Interior Designing,
                                                Large Span Structures
Key Qualification                    M. A. Dip. Arch.  FIIA
Education                               M.A.         Kanpur Univ  I Class
                                                Dip Arch  Lucknow        I Class Topped
                                                AIIA          IIA Bombay    I Class     Experience                             1984-88   Lucknow Housing & Dev.
                                                                Board, Lucknow U.P.  
                                               1988         Established EON Designers
                                                34 years
Languages known                Hindi, English


Arvind Kumar Jaiswal

No. of years with the firm     30 years

Nationality:                             Indian
Area of Specialisation           Industrial Structures,
                                                Large Engg. Structures,
                                                Computer Aided Designs,
                                                Special Structures,
                                                Project Management
Key Qualification                    B. Tech. (Civil)
Education                               1974    SSC Maha. Board    Dist.
                                                1975    PUC Poona Univ      I Class
                                                1976    FYBSc  Poona Univ I Class
                                                1977    BE-I SVRCET, South Guj. Univ
                                                                                              I Class 
                                                1982    B.Tech BHU-IT, Banaras             
                                                                                              I Class  

Experience                             1982-83  Design Engineer, Design
                                                               Consultants, Bangalore 
                                                1983 Feb-Jun Scientist ‘B’, ISRO
                                                1983-1987 Officer, Indian Oil Co Ltd.,
                                                1988-2002 Consulting Engineer
                                                2002- till date Chief Consulting 
                                                36 years
Languages known                Telugu (speak only), Hindi, English &


1. Esha Jaiswal

No. of years with the firm     6 months

Nationality:                            Indian
Area of Specialisation          Architectural Design
Key Qualification                  M.Arch. B.Arch 
Education                              M.Arch    CEPT Univ, Ahmedabad 
                                               B.Arch     SPA Bhopal    Gold Medalist
Experience                            2012 May-Jun  Katakam & Associates, 
                                                                          S’bad | Arch. Intern
                                               2013 Jan-Jun   ARCOP Associates,
                                                                          N Delhi | Prof. Training
                                               2014 Aug-Dec  EON Designers,
                                                                          S’bad | Jr. Architect 
                                               2015         Perkins Eastman, Mumbai
                                                                Jr Architectural Designer
                                               2 years
Languages known                Telugu (basic speak only), Hindi,

1. Illa Anusha

No. of years with the firm     7 years

Nationality:                            Indian
Area of Specialisation          Structural Design
Key Qualification                  M.Tech (Structures) B.Tech (Civil)
Education                              M.Tech  1st Class   (2014-16)
                                               Visakha Engineering College,    
                                               JNTUK, Visakhapatnam 
                                               B.Tech  1st Class   (2007-11)
                                               Gayatri Vidya Parishad College of     
                                               Engineering, JNTUK, Visakhapatnam
Experience                            2012 Nov – present  EON Designers,
                                               Detailing & drafting on AutoCAD;
                                               Modelling & designing of Industrial
                                               Structures (RCC and PEB) using
                                               STAAD PRO
                                               Training fresh Engineering recruits
                                               as Team Lead
                                               7 years
Languages known                Telugu, English, Hindi (basic speak only),


2. Ramya Krishna

No. of years with the firm     4 years

Nationality:                            Indian
Area of Specialisation          Quantity & Cost Survey, Structural Design
                                               (RC Structures) & Drafting
Key Qualification                  M.Tech (Structures)
Education                              M.Tech  (2017)
                                               DJR College of Engineering &
                                               JNTUK University
                                               B.Tech (Civil)  (2013)
                                               DMS SVH College of Engineering,   
                                              Acharya Nagarjuna University
Experience                            2013-14  Siddhartha Institute of
                                               Engineering & Technology,
                                               2014 – present  EON Designers,
                                               Quantity & Cost Surveyor,
                                               Structiral Designer (RC Strcutures)
                                               5 years
Languages known                English, Telugu

3. Cherala Jagadeeshwar 

No. of years with the firm     2 years, 6 months

Nationality:                            Indian
Area of Specialisation          
Key Qualification                  B.Tech (Civil)
Education                              B.Tech  (2013-16)
                                               Auroroa’s Research & Technological
                                               Institute, Warangal
                                               Diploma (Civil)  (2007-09)
                                               SRRS Govt. Polytechnic College,   
Experience                            2009-12  KSR Construction (India) Pvt.                                                 Ltd. | Experience in Site engineering
                                               2013 (6 months); 2014 – present
                                                       EON Designers, S’bad
                                               Detailing and Drafting on AutoCAD
                                               5 years 6 months
Languages known               English, Telugu, Hindi


  • Structural Proof ConsultantsProfessors of IIT / NIT / IISc 
  • Soil Engineering: Nagadi Consultants | Dr. V. V. S. Rao
  • Electrical Engineering: Synergy Infra Consultants Pvt. Ltd. | Srinivas Murthy; CSRI Consortium Engineers | Ch. Srinivas
  • Mechanical Engineering: Opel Equipments Pvt. Ltd. | Dhanpal     
  • HVAC Engineering: Genx Consultants | Chandrashekhar
  • Surveyors: Standard Surveyors | E Murthy
  • Arboriculture: Hi Tech Horticulture | K. Chandrasekhar
  • PMC: Arham Constrotech Pvt Ltd

BANKERS :          Canara Bank, S.D. Road,
                             C/A No. 771
                             Secunderabad – 500 003

                             Mr. Raju & Srinivas, 402,
                             Sowbhagya Avenue, St. No. 1,
                             Ashoknagar, Hyderabad – 001


TAN NO.:          
                              TDA No. HYDJ00601G

GSTIN.:                36ADAPJ4574H1ZK

  1. Computers 12 Nos

                PC-XT with 20 Mb Hard Disk, Math Co-processor 8086, CGA Monitor, 360 KB Drive

                PC AT-486- 4SX, 16MB RAM 260 MB Hard Disk and 261 MB hard disk with SVGA Monitor

 PC AMD K6-III Processor 532Mb RAM, 10 GB Hard Disk  with LG Colour Monitor 14″, 36x CD ROM, Multimedia

                PC Pentium II, 256Mb RAM, 20GB Hard Disk with LG Colour Monitor, 52x CD ROM, Multimedia

                PC Pentium III 600 MHz, 532Mb RAM, 20GB Hard Disk with LG Colour Monitor 17″, 52x CD ROM, Multimedia

                PC Pentium III 700 MHz, 256Mb RAM, 20GB Hard Disk with LG Colour Monitor 14″, 52x CD ROM, Multimedia

                PC Celeron 2.8 GHz, 256Mb RAM, 40GB Hard Disk with LG Colour Monitor 17″, 52x CD ROM, Multimedia

                PC Pentium IV 2.4 GHz, 256Mb RAM, 40GB Hard Disk with LG Colour Monitor 17″, Multimedia

                PC Pentium IV 2.4 GHz, 512Mb RAM, 40GB Hard Disk with LG Colour Monitor 17″, Multimedia

                PC Pentium IV 2.6 MHz, 768Mb RAM, 80GB Hard Disk with LG Colour Monitor 17″, Multimedia – 3 Nos

PC Pentium i7  2.6 MHz, 8Gb RAM, 1TB Hard Disk with LG Colour Monitor 17″, Multimedia – 1 No

  1. Printers 6 Nos         

               HP Designjet 100 Plus A1 Plotter with Support from HP

HP Design jet 110 Plus A1 Plotter with Support from HP

HP LaserJet 3392 Printer, Scanner, Copier, Fax with Support from HP

Canon Pixma IX5000 A3 Colour Printer with Support from Canon

Canon ImagePrograf IPF600 A1 Colour Plotter with Support from Canon

  1. Architectural Software (All Software are Licensed)

               AUTOCAD LT 2002- 2 Licences., AUTOCAD LT 2014- 6 Licences

               Architectural Desktop 3.3-  – 1 Licence.

               3-D HOME ARCHITECT- 1 Licence.

               AUTO ARCHITECT by Soft Desk- 1 Licence.

  1. STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING Softwares ( All Softwares are Licensed )

               STAAD-PRO 2008i with STAAD.ETC  from Bentley – 1 Licence,

Prostructures –from Bentley – 1 License

               MIDAS GEN, Ver 6.3 Commercial – 1 Licence.

               ETABS V 9.1.1- 5 Licences.

               SAP 2000 V 11 – 5 Licences.

               SAFE V 8.5  – 5 Licences.

  1. General Purpose Softwares (All Softwares are Licensed)

               MS DOS – Ver 6.20  Operating System

               MS DOS – Ver 4.01  Operating Software for PC-XT

               LOTUS – 123 Ver 3.40,  LOTUS – 123 Ver 2.01 for PC -XT

               MS Office 2007,  Wordstar –4, Wordstar –7, Windows -3.1

               WINDOWS 2000, WINDOWS 2007 Professional – 3

               NORTON SYSTEM WORKS 2007

               Norton 360 –5 + 2 Seats

  1. Blue Printing Machine

               Automatic with Phillips Holland make 3 Nos. Tube lights –  one number

  1. Fax Machine

               HP LaserJet 3392 All in one   

  1. Scanner:

               HP Scan Jet 3570c  1 No.

Poonam Jaiswal

Arvind Kumar Jaiswal

  • Association of Consulting Civil Engineers, Member Since 18th August 1988, Life Fellow Membership No. F-099
  • Indian Institute of Bridge Engineers, Life Fellow No. LF-1146, Since 3rd December 1999
  • Indian Association of Structural Engineers, Founder member, Life Fellow  Since 08 August 2007, Membership No. LF-015
  • Indian Concrete Institute, Member Since January 1, 1989, Membership No. M-2613
  • The Institution of Engineers (India), Member Since 13th January 1989 & Chartered Engineer Since 24th January 1990, Membership No. M-56521 Fellow No. 017320-3