We undertake full architectural consultancy services, from inception, detailed design, to completion. Our in-house engineers & associates provide advice or guidance to both our team and our clients on safe or durable building design, construction and maintenance. We are committed to providing best value added service by maintaining quality systems to ensure continuous monitoring, improvement of our design processes & procedures. We embrace a sustainable approach to design after taking total project in consideration, wherever possible by incorporating use of recycled, renewable, low maintenance materials which reduce waste, emissions and use of energy.

Our practice is built on a strong, dedicated and professional team made up of specialist architects, technologists, technical trainees and support staff. We have a strong network of associates, especially for specialization areas where in-house expertise is not available. The associates and their offices provide on-line support with specialist and state-of-the-art knowledge. Through our team members and use of state-of-the-art technologies, we are able to share expertise, information, resources and workload to effectively manage and respond to the needs and demands of our clients in their projects.

We have a diverse portfolio, but maintain strict client confidentiality towards protecting mutual interests from intrusion of other market players. Our project gallery highlights some of these projects

Following is a list of all completed projects till date.

Projects for Katakam & Associates

Projects for Architectural Assocaiates

+ Small value projects with individual value less than 15 lakhs – completed for a value of approx.  Rs. 328 lakhs